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Cherished Daughters Mentoring Program is a girls' empowerment & leadership program designed to address the growing trend of girls growing up in a fatherless home.


We have come together to address her very real wound of not having her father available in a positive, consistent, and emotionally healthy way.


We believe that all of God’s cherished daughters are loved by him and are created with innate value and worth that we wish to highlight and celebrate.


We believe in unearthing Gems

It is our belief that once she has her true identity restored she will be prepared to face the world and bring the gifts and talents unique to her, to impact the globe in the way only she can.


We are her advocates, we are her cheerleaders, we are her accountability to go through life with a commitment to excellence and integrity which is rare in her generation.


She is not the label life, society and or her circumstances aim to burden her with. She is a phenomenal, beautiful, brilliant image bearer of God and the world awaits what only she can deliver.


We are tasked with equipping her with the skills needed to navigate this world.


Teaching fatherless daughters about God's love and their value while equipping them to change their world.


Our mission is to empower 6th - 12th grade girls to become emotionally healthy young women who use their God-given talent and abilities to lead purpose-filled lives where they attain long term financial stability through obtaining a four-year degree or successfully launching a sustainable business; She will utilize her global leadership and problem solving skills developed in the program to change the world.

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